Every estate agent will have a differing opinion when it comes to the best time to sell, but the general consensus is that autumn is one of the seasons to come out on top. If you are looking to sell a family home, you may have been holding off until the end of the summer; people go on holiday during the long school break, and the rest of the time is usually taken up with childcare commitments.

In the autumn, however, there are no major holidays to contend with; buyers are refreshed and on the hunt for a new home, and remnants of the summer weather – crisp days with blue skies – make it as appealing as the spring season to sell. Right now is a prime time to go to market, before the cool-down that naturally comes with the festive period. Here are a few reasons why we think autumn is the best time to sell your property – and fast.

Searching continues

If potential buyers put their home-searching on pause over the summer months, they will be raring to go come October. They should have a new-found enthusiasm and know by now what they are looking for.

Less competition

Spring is known as the time to sell. As a result, there is fierce competition from countless other sellers with the same idea. Similarly, people tend to wait until January before putting their house up for sale, so this month sees the market flooded with new properties, too. In autumn, however, you will have more of a captive audience, making it the ideal time to sell.

Quality views

Although activity on your home may be less frantic than if you went to market at a more traditionally busy period, the bonus with selling your house in autumn is that you will be dealing with serious buyers, as opposed to “serial viewers”.

Autumnal colours outdoors

The stunning autumnal colours are one of the best things about this time of year: greens change to beautiful burnt-oranges, rusty reds and bright yellows. This makes for a picture-postcard view of the outside of your home – as long as you do not neglect your property’s kerb appeal. Although it might be a tedious task, you need to sweep away those leaves on a daily basis to keep your outside space looking neat and tidy.

Cosy interior

During the summer months, viewers will be imagining sun-drenched barbecues in your garden. However, when the nights begin to draw in and the temperatures drop, they will be envisaging themselves curled up on your sofa next to a roaring fire.

It is relatively easy to make your home feel inviting: crank up the heating, switch on the lamps, light the fire and bring in thick, tactile fabrics to add warmth.

Quick move

When people look at houses in the autumn, they generally do so with the hope of moving before Christmas and ready for the New Year – this means your chances of a quick sale increase.

All settled by spring

If you have your sights set on a property, selling your house in the autumn should mean that you are completely settled in a new property by springtime, allowing you to enjoy the summer months in your brand new home.

New Year’s resolutions

Lots of people make big resolutions at the beginning of the year – and for many this includes buying a property (either jumping on the ladder or purchasing a new home). As the year draws to a close, potential buyers will be looking through new listings to see if they can make their dream become a reality.

Whether you have had another child and run out of space, relocating with work, finished a project and looking for a new challenge or just fancy a change, there will always be a right time to move. There are the traditional market hot spots which we’ve mentioned but ultimately there will be times when you just want to move and if you market your property at the right price with the right agent you’ll be able to do so.

If you are looking to sell your property, autumn really is the ideal time to put it on the market. For a free market appraisal, please contact our office today on 01225 466225. As Bath’s longest-established independent estate agent, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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