The days are getting longer and the daffodils are in bloom – it has finally happened, spring has sprung. And with the onset of the lighter, brighter season comes the optimum time of year to sell a home. But why are properties more likely to sell during spring? And just what sort of spring cleaning tips can you employ in order to appeal to buyers?

Spring has always traditionally been an excellent time to put a property on the market: it’s a time for new beginnings and an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ outlook on life. So, what better way to ring the changes than to sell your home and look for somewhere new?

When it comes to sprucing your home up this spring and preparing it for market, we have a few top tips that might help you on your way:

1. De-clutter and deep clean

A major reason buyers often wish to move is to gain more space. De-cluttering unnecessary, under-used or unwanted items can free up this precious commodity in your home, making it more appealing. It also means you are giving yourself a head-start for when you finally move out. Additionally, once the clutter is gone, the dark, dusty corners that have gone unnoticed through the gloomy winter months may need some attention. The bright spring light can draw the eye to streaks on polished floors and highlight dirt you did not even notice was there.

2. Tend to the garden

It may have lain dormant throughout the colder months, but now that spring has arrived with its blue skies and blossoming flowers, it is time to tend to your garden, clearing away the detritus of winter and freshening up its appearance for spring. Plant bright flowers such as tulips or daffodils to inject a little colour into your yard, and arrange garden furniture invitingly so that potential buyers can imagine themselves sipping their Pimms or dining alfresco during the upcoming summer months.

3. Play with the light

Spring tends to bring better weather so let the light shine on your home by ensuring your windows are polished to perfection and all blinds or curtains are fully open when viewers come to call. A bright, well-lit home is a big selling point for buyers – if your windows are facing away from the sun, a few well-positioned and sparkling clean mirrors can create the illusion of light shining into your home. Giving your walls a make-over with a lick of white or light-coloured paint can also create a lighter, larger space – just add a few pops of colour to give the room some personality.

4. Freshen up the air

It might be a stereotype to get the smell of freshly baked bread or coffee wafting around your property to entice buyers with the scent of a comforting home, but there is something to be said for appealing to a variety of senses. Give buyers a real breath of fresh, spring air by using diffusers, plug-ins or scented candles to your home.

5. Bring in some colour

Winter might be a time for cosy fabrics and dark, warming colours, but spring requires light, bright hues to show off your home to its best. Most people are keen to leave the dreary weather of the winter months behind – pastel colours or bright, fresh flowers provide a revitalising and cheerful springtime ambience to your decor.

If you are considering putting your house on the market, it might be helpful to know that, here at Pritchards, we offer a free house dressing service to our clients, specially designed to help prepare homes for sale. Our experienced interior designer will visit your property to provide advice and guidance on factors such as colour schemes, furniture, room layout and lighting, ensuring that your home is presented to potential buyers in its best possible light.

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