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Despite the changeable weather of recent weeks, we have still enjoyed more than a handful of golden days of sunshine this summer, and we are holding out hope that the season is not quite over yet. Of course, in true British fashion, the moment the sun peeks out and those grey skies clear, we head out in force to soak up those elusive rays in the nearest park, beer garden or roof terrace. Fortunately, Bath has plenty of enticing options to keep us entertained.

However, what with the various barbecues, weddings and holidays most people have to contend with during the summer months, sometimes all you want to do is retreat to your castle and enjoy the weather from the comforts of your garden. Here is how to make the most of your outside space – you may never feel the need to go out again…

Bring the inside, outside

Consider the creature comforts of your living room and we would wager you are imagining sinking into the embrace of a welcoming sofa at the end of a long day at work – preferably with a glass of wine in hand. Why not consider bringing those inside conveniences outside and sinking into that sofa whilst basking in the sun? Of course, this is England and sun-worshippers must, at all times, be prepared for the rains to descend. An excellent option is to purchase a set of synthetic rattan seating with sumptuous cushions that can be stowed away inside until needed. Rattan makes for a hard-wearing base with a natural, rustic feel that blends perfectly with the great outdoors. For a particularly cosy ambience, don’t be afraid to bring rugs and other living room items outside too; soft blankets are sure to come in handy when the evenings get cooler – those made from reindeer skin, in particular, will keep you extra toasty.

Rattan garden furniture

Create a dining area

Alfresco dining is a luxury synonymous with sun-soaked holidays, but if you create your own outside dining area, you can indulge in this summer pastime whenever the opportunity presents itself. An outside dining space should be within easy access of the kitchen as well as your barbecue grill, though not so close that diners are enveloped in smoke once fired up. Investing in a fire pit – combined with wrapping yourself up in an aforementioned warm blanket – will mean you are able to enjoy your garden throughout the seasons. Those with a smaller space might want to consider folding tables or chairs so that they can be stored away easily. Wooden dining furniture complements every garden style and large stone slabs or reclaimed bricks make a solid material to rest on.

Fire pit

Inject some colour

Adding colour to your outside space is one of the easiest ways to bring it to life. Whether you use paint, pots, tiles or plants, the impact colour has on your surroundings and also your mood, cannot be underestimated. Experiment with colourful hanging baskets, planters and plant pots – particularly with plants prized for their foliage, such as succulents, herbs and ferns. Seasonal blooms always bring welcome colour to an outside space, just do your research to check they will flourish in the position of choice. If you are a dab hand with a paintbrush, why not paint an exterior wall or garden wall for a dramatic dash of colour. Alternatively, you could create a tiled mosaic or incorporate some garden art to add personality.

Colourful gardenPlay with the lighting

There is nothing quite like the right lighting to set the ambience – they call it ‘mood lighting’ for a reason. Adding a little illumination with LED lights can turn a small space into an intimate, cosy hideaway, whilst hanging fairy lights in a larger space works well to mark out borders or show off interesting features. Choose battery operated or solar powered lights if you want to avoid unsightly (and potentially hazardous) extension leads. From industrial-style bulbs to soft lanterns, the right lighting can infuse your outside space with an enchanting glow. You will not be able to tear yourself away.

Outdoor lighting

Making the most of your outside space, be it a spacious garden or quirky balcony, adds personality to your home whilst enabling you to enjoy the warmer seasons. We can help you find a home with outside space, right here in the beautiful city of Bath. But when it comes to dressing it up to the nines, the possibilities are endless.

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