The New Year is just around the corner – and so is the fresh start and new outlook that comes with it. For many people, this is a time to make resolutions – whether that means getting in shape, looking for a new job, or eating better. But for some homeowners, their priority could very well be to sell their property.

If you are looking to take your home to market in 2016, there are several actions you can take in order to expedite the process. Following these steps could ensure you sell your home swiftly and at a fair price, allowing you to put a satisfying tick next to that New Year’s resolution!

Overcome any “problem areas”

As a seller, you should be looking to eliminate any potential “problem areas” or objections that may stand in the way of a buyer making an offer. Typically, this only requires a small investment of both time and resources, but eradicating these perceived negatives can really make a difference. It could be something as simple as scratches on the wall, but when there are several negatives combined, it can prove to be a real turn-off to the potential buyer.

If you have lived in your home for a long period of time, it can be tricky to identify these issues, so ask a family member of friend to use their fresh pair of eyes to give you their honest feedback, helping you spot any potential problems you may have missed.

Revamp your marketing strategy

Perhaps your home has already been on the market in 2015, but to no avail? Now is the time to go with a new estate agent – one that can revamp your strategy with a dynamic sales and marketing programme. Here at Pritchards, we are independently owned so are able to offer each and every one of our clients a bespoke service to deliver our promises in the most appropriate way. From high quality brochures to press releases, magazine publications to social media, we work tirelessly to ensure your home stands out from the crowd.

Invest in a professional ‘House Dressing’ service

Although buyers are always encouraged to use their imagination and envisage their own possessions within the property they are viewing, it is advisable to make your home look as inviting as possible, as this will have a direct impact on the buyers’ interest levels and how much they are willing to pay. If you have viewings scheduled in January, make sure all Christmas decorations are taken down and stored away, and also ensure your “curbside appeal” is enhanced to the maximum.

For your home to look its very best at every showing, proper attention should be paid to furniture layout, colour selection and furnishings. If you are looking for a professional touch to appeal to as broad a market as possible, consider taking advantage of our new House Dressing service. Unlike many similar services that can prove costly, we offer this free of charge to all of our clients selling their property with Pritchards. Not only will this guarantee improvement for the photographs for the brochure (which, in turn, will increase viewings), it will make your home look as visually appealing as possible, shortening the length of time your property is on the market – and even adding value!

The professional designer will cover topics from decluttering to improving light, quick fixes to styling beds. If you would like more information on our House Dressing service, please contact the office on 01225 466225.

There is nothing better than seeing through a New Year’s resolution, especially if you manage to tick it off within the first few months of the year! Let Pritchards help you sell your home quickly and for the best price possible by calling our friendly team today on 01225 466225.

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