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How much is my house worth? If you’re thinking of selling or letting your home (or just curious to know its value), then try out our new online valuation tool! It’s super quick and easy: just complete a few simple questions and you’ll get an up-to-date estimated property valuation within seconds which you can then follow up with a proper face-to-face appraisal with one of our experts! Here’s how to value your Bath property the easy way…

How does it work?

While there are a lot of factors involved in calculating the value of your Bath property, not least buyer demand, our free home valuation tool powered by Digi-Val will give an instant estimated valuation in just two simple steps:

1. Enter your postcode and some essential information about your property, including the property type, address and the number of rooms it has.

2. Tell us a few basic facts about yourself and our free online calculator will then give you an instant estimate, including an upper and lower figure so you can get a feel for how wide the valuation band is in your area. To get a more accurate figure, you can then ask one of our expert team to carry out a free market appraisal at your convenience.

How do we calculate our estimate?

The unique valuation algorithm calculates the most up-to-date property valuation possible. We take the last recorded sale price for your property from Land Registry data and then add an amount to reflect the average estimated annual increase in property prices for your postcode. Countrywide averages can be misleading, so focusing on the exact area in which you live gives you a much better idea of your own situation.

How can it help you?

If you are looking to sell or let your property, knowing about the sold and letting house prices in your street and the surrounding area can give you an indication of the current state of the local market and how in-demand homes in that area are. This can help you set a fair asking price from the outset and avoid any unnecessary delays. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy or rent a new property, then you want to be sure you are getting the best value for your money. Knowing how much has been paid for properties in the area you’re interested in moving to can give you a good estimate of how much you should be willing to pay.

What’s the next step?

It’s worth bearing in mind that as fantastic as our new online valuation tool is, it’s just an estimate and in no way a substitute for a local expert’s opinion. The current condition of your property and any wonderful improvements you may have made since it was last on the market have a very important part to play in deciding how to value your Bath property. Our valuation tool is just the first step: once you know the estimated value of your Bath property, you can 
book a free market appraisal with a member of Pritchards’ expert team with one click at the end of your online valuation, and they will get in touch with you and help you narrow down the true value of your home. In addition, why not take a look at our current sales or lettings properties to see how your home compares to others in your area? You can even register your details for email alerts on property for sale or to rent in Bath that fits your criteria, bringing you even closer to the current Bath property market scene.

Finding the sold or to let house prices in your area has never been easier. Our new valuation tool is designed to give you an idea of the sort of figure properties in your area have been selling for. It’s a springboard to a more in depth discussion with us on what your home is actually worth – just enter your postcode, give it a try and then get in touch with us to arrange your very own bespoke appraisal!

Have you used our online valuation tool already? Then you’ll know just how easy it is to get an initial estimate the value of your Bath property! We’d love to know what you think, so tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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