Best Houseplants to Sell your Home

If you have a soft spot for interior design, you cannot have failed to notice the fact that houseplants are very ‘on trend’ this autumn. Just a quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram is sure to reveal foliage a-plenty, with juicy little succulents, macramé hanging planters and unusual palm leaves clamouring for your attention.

Whilst a collection of picturesque plants can serve to brighten up a home, it’s not just aesthetic appeal that a botanical living space can offer. An assortment of leafy greenery can actually help to purify the air – indoor plants are renowned for absorbing gases and pollutants through the pores on the surface of their leaves. Plus, studies have shown that indoor plants can reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

If you’re putting your home on the market, attract a buyer with the power of plants. Here are the best house plants around to help you make that all-important sale:

1. Peace Lily

When it comes to growing indoor plants, the beautiful Peace Lily proves a popular choice for those that may not have the utmost confidence in their green fingers. A robust plant that is easy to care for, their lush green leaves and pearl white blooms add a touch of the Great Outdoors to any room. Whilst they are more likely to blossom in the light, the plant will continue to grow quite happily in shady areas – ideal for a gloomy room that might not lend itself well to viewings.

2. Succulents

We found it too hard to choose just one from the trendy succulent family, but these charming little plants tend to look best when teamed up with a few friends. The features they share are plump leaves and stems as well as an easy care philosophy, yet they come in a range of different colours and styles to suit any home’s personal style.

Two types of succulents share the nickname ‘Hens and Chicks’ – sempervivum tectorum or echeveria elegans – offering chunky, rosette-shaped leaves and a tendency to produce small babies, the ‘chicks’ of the name. Aloe Vera, the plant with the healing sap, looks great in a warming terracotta or copper pot, whilst the quirky pincushion cactus, with its eye-catching flowers, adds personality to a modern design environment, thanks to its naturally geometric form.

3. Rubber plant

Add a little height to your botanical collection with a rubber plant. These attractive specimens can be grown to over 8 feet in height when cared for in the right conditions – what better way to bring the outside, inside? They grow well in low light and their shiny, waxy leaves make quite a statement in a room, especially when positioned beside a central focus, such as beside a fireplace.

4. Swiss Cheese Plant

Taking its name from the elegant gaps between its leaves, the Swiss Cheese plant surged to popularity back in the 1950s as a way of adding a dramatic dash to the corner of a room. As well as being pretty tough to kill, the striking leaf shape and size gives this plant a seriously strong design presence. Plus, when the light shines through your windows just right, your floors and walls can be transformed into a sun-dappled work of art.

5. Heart Leaf Philodendron

The romantically named Heart Leaf Philodendron is also known as the sweetheart plant because of its glossy heart-shaped leaves. These little plants make an excellent match with an on-trend macramé hanging planter, as their long slender stems, decorated with cascading leaves, can grow to over 4 metres in length. Suspend from a high shelf, ceiling hook or position on a high bookcase to create a cosy Midsummer Night’s Dream ambience in your home. Buyers won’t be able to resist!

When it comes to presenting your home in the best possible light to potential buyers, houseplants are just one way of creating a welcoming space that will stick in the minds of those who visit. Here at Pritchards, we offer a bespoke ‘House Dressing’ service, designed specifically to help clients prepare a house for sale. Get in touch to find out more!

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