Thinking about putting your house or apartment on the market in 2019? Our step-by-step guide on what to do before you sell your house will help you secure a sale quickly and for the best price possible. With a wealth of experience behind us, we know the Bath market better than anyone. So here’s our top 5 things to do before putting your house or apartment on the market…

1. Declutter
There’s no getting round it: if your home is crowded with furniture and personal knickknacks, buyers are going to find it hard to see its potential. Banish the clutter in stages by focusing on one room at a time, such as the kitchen (there are some great ideas here) or even one zone like your desk in the study, before moving on to the next space. A good tip is to get five separate boxes and carry these with you as you work your way through the house. The first box is for things that need putting away (that pile of clothes in the bathroom or the coffee cup in the bedroom). Then there’s the recycle box – somewhere you can put paper, plastic or glass – and a separate mend/fix it box for items such as a pair of shoes that need a polish. The last two boxes are for things you no longer need. Designate one for items that can go straight in the bin and the other, items that you can donate to a local charity. In just a couple of days, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

5 things to do before you sell your house
2. Get cleaning
Once you’ve got on top of the clutter, it’s time to get out the duster and polish. There is nothing more off-putting for potential buyers than a grubby kitchen, mouldy bathroom or grime-encrusted windows. No matter your budget, if you’re serious about selling, then next on your to-do list is to give the whole house a deep clean. Take a look at this helpful video for some top tips, but begin by dusting everything, including light fittings and skirting boards, vacuuming every nook and cranny and opening the windows to air the rooms. Consider getting the professionals in to tackle heavy-duty items such as carpets and the dreaded oven. And remember, once you’ve got it all spick and span, stay on top of it with a regular clean every couple of days. It will make life so much easier once those viewing appointments start coming in. For last-minute tips, read our top 5 quick fixes for preparing your home for a viewing in a hurry.

5 things to do before you sell your house

3. DIY

When you have lived in a property for a long time, it’s easy to overlook the small things, that leaky tap you never got round to fixing or the broken light bulb you’ve learnt to live with. But chances are, that’s the first thing your viewers will spot when they come for a first look around. Do a full audit and mark down everything that needs tweaking or replacing. Trying to track down a particular size of fluorescent light tube? Ask in your local hardware shop: they can usually order it in for you within a couple of days. If you suspect you’ve got something more serious going on, such as a patch of damp or a leaky roof, then don’t ignore it. Any major issues will probably be uncovered during the survey anyway, so tackle it head on now and minimise the risk of costly surprises after you’ve accept an offer. If you decide against doing the work upfront, then get a quote and factor those costs into your asking price so you are in a good position when it comes to negotiating a final price with your potential buyer.

4. Decorate
Paint is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to update your home before you put it on the market. Lighter, neutral colours tend to appeal to most people and remember, you don’t have to paint every room, just the ones that obviously need it. Lighting is another easy and relatively inexpensive way to modernise your home and maximise the perception of space. A little bit of money spent replacing dated light fittings can make all the difference. There are plenty of clever tricks out there to help you make even the smallest room seem open and inviting but don’t forget natural lighting as well. Ditch the heavy, patterned drapes for light-coloured curtains or Roman blinds and let in the sun.

5 things to do before you sell your house

4. Home improvements
Depending on the age of your home and how much work you have done to it, you may consider embarking on a more major home improvement, such as a loft conversion or a conservatory. Both can add value to your home, but the cost may not always result in the % uplift you might expect. As well as factoring in the time it takes to obtain planning permission (required in many cases), you will need to add in the time involved in doing the work itself (not to mention the upheaval). At the forefront of your mind should always be whether the addition or improvement is worth the expenditure. A new kitchen sounds wonderful, but it doesn’t come cheap; giving everything a fresh coat of paint and replacing handles and doors can be just as effective and much easier on the wallet. Book an appointment with one of our experienced team, and we can help you decide whether it’s worth the expense before you make any decisions.

5. Kerb appeal
Last but not least, stand outside your home and take a proper look at it. Would it look good in a photograph? What would a first-time visitor think? It takes the average house hunter just eight seconds to decide whether or not they like a property, and around six in 10 of them will rule a property out before they even step through the front door. Make sure your house gets the proverbial tick by spending some time, love and care on the exterior. There are lots of practical tips here but the bottom line is to make it look as clean, fresh and loved as possible. A tidy entrance, newly painted front door, neat driveway and rubbish-free front garden will all help make potential buyers fall in love with your home from the start.

5 things to do before you sell your house

So that’s our top 5 things to do before you sell your house! Need help deciding on your next step? Our instant online valuation tool can give you an initial idea on price, but for a more detailed valuation and practical advice tailored to your personal situation, then nothing can replace a face-to-face appraisal. Our experienced team can talk you through the options and help you arrive at the best decision for you. Call us today to book a free, no-obligation appointment and get 2019 off to the very best of starts!

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